If you should find an error on any chart, please email me so that I may list here for others to see. 
Errors will be corrected for future printings.
Title: Trot to your own Beat DBL-C59  (first printings only)
The backstitching alternate color should be:
Apple cider:  Use DMC 869
Dungarees: 931 or 932
Title: How do I Love Thee (first printings only)
There are a four odd symbols scattered throughout the design (two found after the word "thee").  These symbols should be the same as for the color Cupid.
Moose be Fall (first printings only)
The three symbols underneath the left hand side of the pumpkin and
above his foot should be / .
Attitude Adjustments (first printings)
There is a backstitch line missing on the bottom right hand side that seperates
the large squares, second one in, vertical.

Tromp'n thru the Tulips (fist printings)
The first three columns on the second page of the chart overlaps the previous three columns on the first page.  This information was omitted on the first printing.
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